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Capturing the Moments

We were getting ready to leave our daughter’s house after the holidays. I walked into the room as my daughter and husband were talking to each other. S...

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My daughter reminded me one morning of the importance of laughter in our lives. She was sitting on the floor playing and laughing out loud with her six-month...

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Recovering Hope

For a moment it all came unbalanced. The sad and the angry became heavier than the happy and good, I gave in. The tears came, the anger raged and my heart po...

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Turn on the light

My nine-year-old grandson understands what the Coronavirus Pandemic is, where it started and how it has affected his world.  Recently when we had our Zoom vi...

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Eye Contact

My friend laughed when I told her how persistent my dad was about making eye contact when speaking to or listening to someone.

I hated it when...

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Happy Mother’s Day Rosie

Rosie knelt down, felt the pecans in the grass, and then crawled around on the ground collecting them and depositing them in her bucket.

She i...

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Dear Mr. President

My husband is a quiet man, the kind that when the storms come, outside or inside, he's steady as a rock. While I am trying to figure out how to fix everythin...

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COVID-19 pandemic is changing education

My daughter asked me if I wanted to participate in our grandson's Zoom Video classroom assignment. I said, "Yes, but what can I do?"

At 10:AM each mor...

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How Not To Pick Your Nose During the Coronavirus

An entire country has been shut down for almost two months because of a virus that is transmitted through the very things mothers have been trying to teach t...

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Everything is Going to Be Alright

It’s Palm Sunday as I write this story and my husband walks in the room and says, “Hey, aren’t we going to church,”  I look up at him...

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Our family and social distancing

Our children live in three different states and we are hours away from each of them. This week our youngest son needed some medical supplies and we offered t...

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