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Why is it so hard to receive a compliment?

Why is it so hard to receive a compliment and just say thank you? Like many women when someone compliments me, I often feel the need to explain or tell them ...

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My Christmas tree is still up

My Christmas tree is still up. I know — Christmas is over and it's time to take the decorations and lights down and get on with life.

But Christ...

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Memories of Christmas

What Christmas memories stand out in your mind?  My favorite memories are the smell of oranges, the crackling sound coming from our fireplace and the sight o...

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Giving The Gift of Life

Dear Santa

“Before you get too busy with all the gift lists, we need your help. We will ask you for a special gift.

We have a fri...

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The Best is Yet To Come

As I watched the second candle (the candle of peace) of the Advent season being lit in church on Sunday, I thought of the fork my friend gave me at the very ...

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Imagination is a Gift

"I don't know what happened,” she said. Suddenly I had this entire white wall as my canvas and a palette of colors to play with.  I lost track of time ...

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The Santa Claus Story

My husband and I were sitting in a Burger King having lunch, when a lady approached us and asked, "Sir, would you mind coming into the playroom with our chil...

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What Grieving Parents Feel at Christmas

There was a quiet sadness that filled the room. Each mother there shared a special memory of her child. It was a comfortable place to be because it was all r...

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Little Metal Christmas Trees

It was small, about 2 ½ feet high, with green branches and a different color fiber optic light at the end of each thistle. It sat in a window of my house tha...

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A Final Christmas Gift

How do you pick a Christmas gift for someone who only has a few days or weeks to live? That's the dilemma I had when I got the news that my brother, Gerald, ...

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Shotgun Christmas

We always pretended to be asleep. It was a game we played with our dad on Christmas Eve. He told us he couldn't signal for Santa until we were sound asleep i...

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A Curious George Christmas

If you are making a list and checking it twice I think I may have found a children's movie that, in a very simple way, may help you fill your Christmas list...

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