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The Power of Sharing our Family Stories

I had never traveled anywhere alone. Riding a bus from Macon to Atlanta, Georgia, with strangers was not a long-distance, I know, but it was frightening and ...

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My daughter reminded me one morning of the importance of laughter in our lives. She was sitting on the floor, playing and laughing out loud with her six-mont...

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Eye Contact

My friend laughed when I told her how persistent my dad was about making eye contact when speaking to or listening to someone.

I hated it when...

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I am not afraid of the Coronavirus

I am not afraid of the Coronavirus, and you shouldn't be either. When we overreact to epidemics and other perceived risks in our lives, we become less attent...

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75th Holocaust Remembrance

“The time will come when we will be people again and not just Jews!” – 11 April 1944.

More than one million children under the age o...

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Imagination is a Gift

"I don't know what happened,” she said. Suddenly I had this entire white wall as my canvas and a palette of colors to play with.  I lost track of time ...

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What Grieving Parents Feel at Christmas

There was a quiet sadness that filled the room. Each mother there shared a special memory of her child. It was a comfortable place to be because it was all r...

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Shotgun Christmas

We always pretended to be asleep. It was a game we played with our dad on Christmas Eve. He told us he couldn't signal for Santa until we were sound asleep i...

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A Curious George Christmas

If you are making a list and checking it twice, I think I may have found a children's movie that, in a very simple way, may help you fill your Christmas lis...

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Having Fun at the Mediavine Conference 2019

“Blogging is so much more than writing,” the woman told me when I introduced myself as a writer at the Mediavine conference I recently attended. ...

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I am passionate about writing stories and ...

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There is More to His Story

When I was a writer in South Texas, one of my first assignments was to accompany Fort Worth students to cover the International Science Fair. Each day, with ...

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