About The Author

Deana And Monrow Landers
I have had many roles in life—

  • Pastor’s Wife
  • Mom/Nana
  • Nurse/Health Educator
  • Writer
  • Christian Speaker

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing stories, either in my head or in my journal.  My first published story was in 1989 after witnessing the tragedy of Hurricane Hugo hitting Charlotte, N.C. destroying homes and businesses, tearing families apart and leaving 61 fatalities in its path. My husband and sons volunteered to help families and rebuild homes there.  While they related the pain and devastation they saw daily I wrote a story to the local newspaper describing what they saw and asking for help for the families. After that I was asked to write more stories and later became a weekly columnist.  Since then I have been blessed to write in many different venues as a storyteller, as well as an educational, health and wellness writer.

Our youngest daughter died in 1980.  It was a tragic car accident.  The pain was so overwhelmingly painful, but we trusted God, held on to each other and took one day at a time to survive this pain in our lives.  People asked me how we were able to survive such a tragedy and still trust God. One day I was asked to share with others and found that sharing my pain and encouraging others helped me to breathe again.  Since then I have tried to use my own pain, struggles and joy to encourage others.

I worked for 30 years as a nurse and went back to school at age 54 to get a degree in Health Education.  I used my experience as a nurse and my degree as a health educator to promote healthy living in business, schools and churches. I currently serve as Chairman of a Free Clinic, helping families who do not have healthcare receive medical care.


My Latest Stories

Why is it so hard to receive a compliment?

Why is it so hard to receive a compliment and just say thank you? Like many women when someone compliments me, I often feel the need to explain or tell them where I got whatever it is they are complimenting me on.

Recently, while at the doctor's office I complimented a young technician on her hair. "You have beautiful hair," I said. She responded, "It is hair extensions." I looked for awhile and couldn't see any evidence of added hair s...

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My Christmas tree is still up

My Christmas tree is still up. I know — Christmas is over and it's time to take the decorations and lights down and get on with life.

But Christmas isn't really over until after January 6th, the day when many Christians celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany from December 25th until January 6th. These days are a collection of 12 feast days beginning with Christmas day and ending after the revelation of the wise men. The revelation is...

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Memories of Christmas

What Christmas memories stand out in your mind?  My favorite memories are the smell of oranges, the crackling sound coming from our fireplace and the sight of candy-striped material on the floor in my mother’s sewing room.

Christmas was the only time we had oranges. Regardless, the time of year, their nostalgic sweet, citrus smell still stir up memories for me. When we lived in South Texas I loved it when it was time to go to oran...

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Giving The Gift of Life

Dear Santa

“Before you get too busy with all the gift lists, we need your help. We will ask you for a special gift.

We have a friend. He is an Native Indian. He went to fight in the war, in a nation called Vietnam. He's a very tall man, long hair, skinny and dark like some of us Latinos.

Tom does not speak Spanish. He speaks Indian and English, but he is a nice man.

Our friend's name is Tom. Now that h...

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