12 stories of christmas

We are building up to our favorite 12 short christmas stories! Join us from now till christmas as we release new stories that celebrate this season!
- Deana Landers

Little Metal Christmas Trees

It was small, about 2 ½ feet high, with green branches and a different color fiber optic light at the end of each thistle. It sat in a window of my house that faced the street on a small table I found in Mexico. The tiny twinkly lights were constantly changing and it became a brilliant display every evening as darkness arrived. Humble as it was,...

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A Final Christmas Gift

How do you pick a Christmas gift for someone who only has a few days or weeks to live? That's the dilemma I had when I got the news that my brother, Gerald, who was in stage four brain cancer, had one last request–to celebrate Christmas with all of his brothers and sisters, together.

He talked my sister into taking him to th...

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Shotgun Christmas

We always pretended to be asleep. It was a game we played with our dad on Christmas Eve. He told us he couldn't signal for Santa until we were sound asleep in our beds.

As soon as he announced it was time to go to bed, we would run to our rooms, change into pajamas and jump into bed to wait for him to come into say goodnight.


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A Curious George Christmas

If you are making a list and checking it twice I think I may have found a children's movie that, in a very simple way, may help you fill your Christmas list.

“The Very Monkey Christmas” is a Christmastime story about a problem Curious George and The Man with the Yellow Hat were having. They must both find out what each other ...

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Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and everything was going wrong. There was no heat to warm the small trailer where we lived. That was because the butane tank that held the gas was empty.

We called the gas company, but they refused to come out on a holiday to fill the tank, even though the temperature was only going to reach 15 degr...

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