Reacting Without Thinking

He was just a man sitting in a crowd watching a baseball game. His face and clothes blended in with all the other faces in the crowd at the Wrigley Field baseball stadium. The Chicago Cubs were holding a 3-0 lead in the eighth inning of Game 6 of the National League Championship Series, and suddenly the ball was hit to left field directly in the...

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Making Room in Las Posada (The Inn)

Sometime our minds are like computers.  When we are trying to enjoy the good things; the special moments in life a message appears in our brain that reads; “No more room. Temporary files too big, need to delete.”

When I complained to my friend about not having enough room on my computer for the information I needed, she showed...

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The Fireworks In A Veteran’s Mind

We were hypnotized by what seemed like millions of colors drizzling down into the reflection of the lake as the crowds applauded the Veterans Day extravagant fireworks display paired with a musical salute to our nations veterans.  The sky was lit up around us after a beautiful Veteran’s day parade. My daughter said it looked like a box of ...

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We are all different, yet the same

One summer in a different country changed the way our daughter sees the stars at night. During her freshman year at college, Christy and seven other students from Lee University were invited to Russia to help set up the first Christian education department at Poltava University in the Ukraine.

When she came home, she tried to give us a vi...

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Crying Child

Being in a plane with a child screaming to the top of their lungs is not only hard on the parents, but also on those around them. “She’s just throwing a tantrum, said the man sitting near me.  It’s her mother’s fault.” He said it loud enough for the young mother to hear the comment, too. The little girl making all t...

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Barefoot Summer

Our bare feet grew tough, our hair turned gold and our bodies browned and freckled in the sun that pursued us on long hot summer days. Across the dirt road where we lived, there was an old abandoned building.  Bushes, high grass and broken tree limbs hid it from the road, but we found it and made it our secret clubhouse. We swept the dust from o...

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