Coronavirus Stories

Our family and social distancing

Our children live in three states, and we are hours away from each other. This week our youngest son needed some medical supplies, and we offered to drive them to him.

He was worried about our travel and being in contact with us because he is still working around many people.

After a lot of conversation, we finally decided to meet halfway because he knew if we drove to his city, I would need to see our grandchildren. But, like other grandparents, we are not doing that during this time of social distancing.

On the way dow...

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Uniting against the Coronavirus

“It’s time to shake off this sadness and recover your spirit,” said Miguel de Unamuno in the poem, Throw Yourself Like a Seed.

These may be the words we need right now to stop analyzing whether it’s true or not, stop complaining about our discomfort, and come together as a family, as neighbors, as communities, and as a nation to get through a difficult time in our world.

This morning I listened to sermons all over the country being streamed live to lift and encourage us, and it didn’t feel ...

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Prayer and the Coronavirus

My husband and I were eating dinner in a local restaurant enjoying a nice Sunday meal a few years ago. There were several couples from the church present. Two tables over, one couple was having trouble with their small child.

The father asks, “Do I need to take you to the bathroom?” “No,” the toddler replied. However, the little boy continued to behave unrulily.

Finally, the father politely picked the child up and headed for the bathroom. Immediately, everyone in the restaurant heard a small voice pleadi...

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Peace during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Since the pandemic began, I've seen and felt all sorts of emotions, from confusion, fear, anger, and panic to love, laughter, and peace.

Like all disasters in our life, there is always confusion, "Is this happening? Is what they are saying true?" And then the fear begins to creep into our hearts and minds; "What should we do?"

The anger builds and swells in our minds from listening to the news media blowing things out of proportion and realizing they are using fear to promote their political agendas instead of giving the publ...

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Do You Need to Self Quarantine During The Coronavirus?

If you or your family member have been exposed to the coronavirus you need to self quarantine yourself.

I recently published "I'm Not Afraid of the Coronavirus, and You Shouldn't be Either" on my Morning Coffee Beans website.

In the story, I tried to cover everything about what the coronavirus is, how to protect ourselves, and what to do if exposed to the virus.

My point was to help people not to be afraid but instead to be informed.

However, a reader sent me another perspective of why people are still afr...

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I am not afraid of the Coronavirus

I am not afraid of the Coronavirus; you shouldn't be either. However, when we overreact to epidemics and other perceived risks in our lives, we become less attentive to the different threats that are far more likely to harm us, like the flu.

Fear is like being in a dark room and hearing a noise that frightens us. The way we remove that fear is to turn the light on or, in this case–get the facts.

When we understand the Coronavirus and learn how to protect ourselves and our families and what to do if we have been in...

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