Short Stories

Short stories that will inspire, encourage, educate and even change the way you see everyday life.

Embarrassing the Kids

When our children were teenagers, one of the things they hated most was when I used coupons to buy groceries or when I would count out change from my purse instead of handing over dollar bills or a credit card.

Little things embarrassed them, like when I cut a coupon from the newspaper for a bucket of chicken.  I stopped at the intercom of the fast-food drive-in sign and ordered the fried chicken, but failed to tell them I had a coupon.

When I drove up to the window, I showed them my discount coupon, but they said they couldn&#...

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Separation Anxiety Not Just Kids Stuff

Our youngest child suffered severe separation anxiety going into kindergarten. It is a disorder in which a child becomes excessively anxious when separated from parents.

I tried to assure him that he would make friends and learn so many new things.  That didn’t impress him, so I told him, “Well, we’ll just take it one day at a time.”

He misunderstood and interpreted the one day at a time as he only had to go one day, and if he didn’t like it, he didn’t have to go back.

The next day I m...

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Children Do As They See

The older man was small and stooped over.  His steps were careful as he carried his tray to the restaurant table where I was having dinner. I could see relief in his face and muscles as he reached his destination, set his load down, and eased his weak body into a chair. The woman sitting down beside him was his daughter.

When the man had difficulty cutting his meat, she very patiently took the knife from his hand and cut the large portion into small pieces, perhaps the same way he did for her when she was a child. It is always very to...

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Sarcasm Can Leave Emotional Scars

When my friend walked by my desk looking sharp in her stylish, black suit, I remarked how great she looked. She said she had just come out of a senior management meeting. “Is that your senior management suit?” I asked. We laughed, and she said something funny to me about my casual dress.

We were a little sarcastic, and it was funny. It lightened up our day because we’re friends and wouldn’t do anything to hurt each other.

But there are times when sarcasm hurts. Even the word itself can leave a ba...

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Barefoot Summer

Our bare feet grew tough, our hair turned to gold, and our bodies browned and freckled in the sun that pursued us on long hot summer days.

Across the dirt road where we lived, there was an old abandoned building.  Bushes, high grass, and broken tree limbs hid it from the road, but we found it and made it our secret clubhouse.

We swept the dust from one side of the room to the other and put a cardboard box in the middle of the huge open space for a table and cement blocks around for chairs.

We hid our peanut butter and cr...

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I love riding in a horse-drawn carriage but I always feel bad for the horses because they have to wear blinders.  I know they are necessary because they help the horse focus and stay on course.

Farmers used blinders, made of leather flaps, on-farm horses, and mules to pull plows or wagons in the small farm community where I grew up. By limiting the horse’s peripheral vision, he is not distracted by the surroundings, and the owner has better control.

Glaucoma is a disease that can limit peripheral vision in adults, also. I...

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