thanksgiving stories

A Normal Thanksgiving … Finally

It's beginning to look like a more typical holiday season this year. Of course, we did not spend Thanksgiving with our children and grandchildren last year like everyone else.

Missing an almost entire year of holidays with our family has made me rethink how I want to cherish every moment I have with them in the future.

Let me explain. If you have ever read the story of Mary and Martha in the Bible, you know that Mary was the person greeting her guest, washing the feet of Jesus, and peacefully enjoying her company. (Luke 10:38-4...

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A Different Kind of Turkey Dinner

One year our children and grandchildren joined us in St. Augustin, Florida, to celebrate Thanksgiving. Our daughter suggested we have a different kind of Thanksgiving dinner that year. “A clambake,” she said.

Her suggestion didn’t go over well with her brothers because it brought back memories of a traumatic Thanksgiving meal that caught them off when they were children.

Our three children were in elementary school when we spent our first Thanksgiving...

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