Genaral Stories

Pruning our lives

It’s difficult for me to cut down a pretty plant, even if it is suspicious. But I learned a lesson when I planted one particular tree a few years ago.

I thought it would grow tall next to a wooded area in our yard. Instead, one day a vine draped itself over the branches of my tree. It was pretty, so I thought I would let it grow.

I didn’t pay much attention to the tree and its new friend because it was at the corner of the lot, and I wasn’t around it that much.

So the summer went, people came an...

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Why is it so hard to receive a compliment?

I recently complimented a young hospital technician on her beautiful dark hair. Her response was, “It’s hair extensions.” I looked for a while and couldn’t see any evidence of added hair, so I said, “I can’t see that. It all looks like your hair.”

She stopped what she was doing, raised her beautiful wavy hair, and showed me how she taped an additional hair piece underneath her original hair. She said she went to her beautician, had it done, and was due for a visit soon. “Wow,” I sa...

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A Normal Thanksgiving … Finally

It's beginning to look like a more typical holiday season this year. Of course, we did not spend Thanksgiving with our children and grandchildren last year like everyone else.

Missing an almost entire year of holidays with our family has made me rethink how I want to cherish every moment I have with them in the future.

Let me explain. If you have ever read the story of Mary and Martha in the Bible, you know that Mary was the person greeting her guest, washing the feet of Jesus, and peacefully enjoying her company. (Luke 10:38-4...

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My daughter reminded me one morning of the importance of laughter in our lives. She sat on the floor, playing and laughing loudly with her six-month-old daughter.

I listened as her laughter and my granddaughter’s giggles filled all the space around me. She said she always wanted to feel this kind of joy and see the world through her child’s merry eyes.

We talked about the carefree laughter of childhood before we had bills to pay and so many responsibilities.

I asked my daughter, “So ...

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Recovering Hope

For a moment, it all came unbalanced. The sad and the angry became heavier than the happy and good I gave in. The tears came, the anger raged, and my heart pounded.

Then someone asked for my help. I heard them and moved dutifully toward them. They sounded anxious, and I reached out to assure them.

With that gesture, I felt a shift in my heart. The sadness and anger lightened. The happy and good became stronger. The balance hesitated a moment, and then it became equal.

In fact, by the time I finished talking to a friend w...

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Having Fun at the Mediavine Conference 2019

“Blogging is so much more than writing,” the woman told me when I introduced myself as a writer at the Mediavine conference I recently attended. Her words were a meer peek into what I would learn in the next three days.

I have been a professional freelance writer for 30 years. I am a retired nurse and health educator, so I have written for many health venues, but as a Christian writer and speaker, my passion is to write stories that educate and encourage my readers.

The difference between writers and blogger...

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My Vietnam Soldier’s Story

My husband was a cook in the Vietnam war. One morning after praying for God’s protection for himself and his comrades, he felt he should go into the mess hall early to prepare for his baking duties. He had to convince the head cook to do his work during the evening meal. Typically, he started baking after dinner and worked late while the soldiers stayed in the lighted building to write their letters and play cards. After finishing his kitchen duties, they all had to leave because it was his job to close the facility.


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When I noticed the two women getting out of the convertible in front of the hotel, I had a feeling there was going to be an awkward moment. My husband spotted them the same time I did and proceeded to do exactly what I was hoping he wouldn’t do.

“Excuse me, ma’am,“ he called out. The two women looked up curiously as they stepped out of the car. “Are you aware that you’re parking in a handicapped parking place?” he asked. I was sure everyone in the parking lot and possibly all of those on South...

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Breast Cancer Awareness

If you find a lump in your breast or underarm area, you should see your doctor immediately.  The good news is that most lumps are noncancerous.  Sometimes they will go away on their own, which is why your doctor may schedule a return visit for three to six months.

However, sometimes the lump or change in breast tissue may be cancer.  You must go to your follow up visit.  If, at any time, you feel like you need a second opinion, you should probably get one. My friend, Jill, did, and she is alive today 21 years later. My sister, Juanita...

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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

It was just a tiny, round gold loop placed in his left ear, like the one many of his friends wore, but it bothered me. Why? I am not sure. It might have been because it represented a rebellion against the norm in our family; girls wore earrings, and guys didn’t.

It could have been the primary concern that our friends might think our parenting skills were weak or the fear that he would reject other rules we thought were important. So, I did what frustrated mothers do; I scolded him, nagged him, and finally pleaded with him to tak...

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The Power of Compassion

Sympathy looks in and says, “I’m sorry.” Compassion goes in and says, “I’m with you.“

Sympathy looks in and says, “I would like to help.” Compassion goes in and says, “I am here to help.“

Sympathy says, “I wish I could carry your burden.” Compassion says, “Cast your burden on me.“

Sympathy often irritates many words. Compassion helps and hears in quietness and understanding.

-Author Unknown

There is a difference between symp...

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