What would the world be without color?

Notes from the author.I ask some elementary students this question What would the world be without color?. I think you will enjoy the answers and it will brighten your day.-- Deana Landers

Do you remember the 1998 movie Pleasantville? It was about a television repairman who was impressed by a high school student”s  devotion to a 1950s family TV show, so he provides him and his sister with a means to escape into the black-and-white program.

The student initially takes to the simplistic, corny world of the show, but his sister does not. So instead, she sets about jolting the characters with doses of reality that unexpectedly bring a little color into their drab existence.

I can’t imagine a world be without color!  In our world, color is everywhere, and everything has color, especially during these beautiful Autumn and Fall days. The variety of colors are endless, and it fills our world with beauty.

What would our world be without color?

As an educational writer, I once sent that question to several elementary schools. The answers ranged from no changing leaves, no beautiful flowers, no rainbows, and no jelly beans! What an awful thought!

Do you remember the 1998 movie Pleasantville? It was about a television repairman who was impressed by a high school student"s  devotion to a 1950s family TV show, so he provides him and his sister with a means to escape into the black-and-white program. The student initially takes to the simplistic, corny world of the show, but his sister does...“I think that the world would be depressing because you wouldn’t see the beauty of our world. Color plays an important part in our lives and the nature around us. For example, the colors of some animals attract mates, while the colors of other animals help them protect themselves. Think about how the white coat of a polar bear blends with the snow. Chameleons can change their color to match the things around them, which causes their enemies to have a hard time finding them.”
— John

“So many animals would die,” she writes. “Birds and bugs wouldn’t be able to see the flowers to pollinate or eat. Color helps us communicate. In sports, differently colored uniforms identify which team a player belongs to.”

“When you are playing soccer with your friends, your shirt is going to be the same as the other players, and you wouldn’t know who to give the ball to. On streets and highways, a red light tells drivers to stop, and a green light tells them to go.”
— Diego

“People won’t know if the traffic light is red, yellow, or green. And policemen can’t arrest them because they won’t know either,” she writes. “A lot of crashes would occur because of this too. On a colored map, blue stands for rivers and other bodies of water, green for forests and parks, and black for highways and other roads. The colors of different snakes tell us which ones are venomous and which ones are not. For example, red and yellow bands on certain snakes indicate that they are venomous.”
— Belinda

Culinary students are learning to prepare meals with color so that they will be more appealing.

“Without color, everything would be unexciting. For example, when you see food, you pick it for its color, but you wouldn’t be able to do that because everything would look dull.”
— Sophie.

“What a dull world it would be without rainbows,”
— Olivia

A rainbow is a fascinating sight to behold. It appears to be placed so perfectly in a bright sky immediately after a light rain.

It happens when the sun’s rays are refracted by the drops of rain, showing the full spectrum of the light. The water acts the same way that prisms do. They break the light into different colors.

Colors can perk us up, mellow us out and depress us in different situations. Teachers use colors in teaching, churches use them in ministry, and hospitals use them in healing.

All the students who wrote to me agreed that without different colored crayons, it wouldn’t be any fun to color pictures. The world without color would indeed be a sad and boring place.

But there was one thing that many of the students pointed out that might be better without color. They wrote that maybe without different color skin, people would be kinder to each other.

In this movie, Pleasantville, color represents the transformation from repression to enlightenment. People?and their surroundings?change from black-and-white to color.

One of my favorite quotes from Robert Fulghum, who authored the book, “All I Need To Know, I Learned in Kindergarten,” wrote, “We could learn a lot from crayons. Some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, while others are bright, some have weird names, but they all have learned to live together in the box.

We need to recognize and enjoy the palette of nature, the seasons, and our unique differences and be kind to each other. After all, we are all God’s creations.

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  1. Such a great post Deana, The answer about the traffic lights gave me a giggle. The world is so beautiful we just need to stop and have a look.

    • Deana Landers -

      Thank you, my friendDeana.

    • Deana Landers -

      Thank you, AnitaDeana

  2. Great post Deana, And so true. I loved the traffic light answer it gave me a little giggle.

    • Deana Landers -

      Thank you, Anita. I love writing about what children think.Deana

    • Deana Landers -

      Thank you so much.Deana

  3. Color is truly magical especially with rainbows. I use it when communicating with grandkids. Nice post!

    • Deana Landers -

      Thank you, Maria. I love rainbows. I have shared many with my grandchildren, too/LoveDeana

  4. You sound like an artist, Deana! I am beyond grateful for the natural world and its colors in Covid times.

    • Deana Landers -

      Thank you, Cat! I love this time of the year, also. Deana

  5. Such a fun post! Love their little minds. I could not agree more with the love of color!

    • Deana Landers -

      I love it when I can include children's comments into my writing, Lori. Thank you for reading and commenting!!Deana

  6. I can't imagine a world without colour! It was intriguing reading the comments from the students.

    • Deana Landers -

      I love the world God has created for us, Sara. I also love listening to the children and hearing what they see with their innocent eyes. Happy Fall, my friend!Deana

  7. Awwwwwwww, why do your stories always affect me so much? Ugh, I should've learned already to always keep a box of tissues ready when I pop in for a visit here. You know just in case I read about different color skin. So very, very true. Children are so incredibly perceptive.

    • Deana Landers -

      Thank you, Michelle. It is good to grow up but if we could only keep the purity of our hearts as children, we would be much kinder to each other. Happy Fall, my friend.Deana

  8. What a great question and such wonderful answers. I too love to write. I am attempting to put together a book of short stories! This was a great read.

    • Deana Landers -

      Thank you, Doreen. I appreciate your reading and commenting on my stories.Happy FAll,Deana

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